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[December 26th, 2004]
wee i'm in my hotel room right now. in nyc. wow. what an amazing city. we just got into the actual city about an hour ago. it's fun. we're going to see one of the shows tonight. don't know which one. but yeah. if you want any souvenirs lemme know. i'll be checking in every now and then. yaya jeans. from nyc. go us. ok g2g eat breakfast. girl's gotta have food. bye bye bye. nsync yah.

[November 16th, 2004]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

public entry w00t.

ok so i stole this from kimi cuz i thought it was cool and i'm cool so it's all good. love ya doll and thanx a bunch.

the eye is the window to the soul
soul-the moral, spiritual, and emotional principles embodied in the human being.
what happens to the blind soul?

omg that's so cool that it just blows my mind away. do you guys ever just stop to think about that kind of stuff. we are so seriously blind as a society. and it's sad that we'll never see the real truth while we're alive. haha wow amazing. good night guys. sleep on it.

[August 14th, 2004]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

love the fool

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